The dog had been waiting for that day so long and now just can’t be more grateful


The long-awaited day finally came. He was finally about to leave the shelter.

He was so grateful to his rescuers. It was just bliss for him, something he had dreamed of all his life.

A few days ago, Leah Domingo was going to visit a shelter to rescue a pitbull with a name Petey.

But when she got there, the shelter’s executive director asked her if she would also like to rescue Penny, a sweet corgi who was just 1 year old.

To everyone’s delight, she immediately agreed.  Arriving at the shelter, she also went to meet Penny.

Then she put both dogs in the car and they went home together.

After some time, however, Petey’s family contacted the shelter wanting to take their dog, so they had to return him.

The next day she took both dogs back to the shelter, but she was sure she would come back after Penny and whispered in his ear not to worry, mom would come back. him the next day,

Petey’s fam came to pick him up, but the other dog was still all alone, so as she had promised, she returned the very next day to take her home.

When Domingo went to him, the little dog was so happy that he couldn’t even hide his excitement.

He just wanted to be hugged and loved, and didn’t need anything else.

He desperately wanted to hug his mother, even when they were in the car, as if to express his infinite love and gratitude to her.

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