The diver was swimming in Hawaii when a dolphin swam up to him asking for an ambulance


Divers were swimming in manta rays in Hawaii when suddenly a dolphin swam about one of them. He got very close to one of the divers as if asking for help. Then they immediately realized that this was exactly what he was doing.

The divers found the fishing line and the hook and put the screw on it, which prevented him from swimming effortlessly and probably caused him a lot of pain.

He carefully freed himself from the clutches, but his work had not yet been done. The fishing line was still tangled around his swim.

The good news is that the diver had scissors with him he was able to cut the dolphin completely free of charge. Then he said goodbye as he swam away to flexibility.

It’s remarkable how clever these creatures are. He swam to this diver to ask for help, as he did when he turned him off. He even looked back at her, as if to say “thank you” before leaving for a swim.

The video was provided by Keller Laros, a scuba diving specialist at Finance. As an underwater cameraman, he uses his footage to study the mantle.

Laros is also the founder and head of the Manta Pacific Research Study Structure, a non-profit organization dedicated to “research, education, training, how to preserve the disturbing manta rays, as well as the aquatic atmosphere.”

This vital work enabled Laros to completely free himself of some mantas, such as sea turtles, from his profession (explaining why he had scissors). But this was the first time a dolphin needed help from a diver/instructor.

Fortunately, this exciting encounter was photographed where given that it has been viewed many times.

“It was a fantastic experience,” Laros wrote on his website. Discuss being in the ideal area at the right time.

Watch the full video below.


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