The cubs are placed next to the dead brothers and sisters, hoping after being thrown in the trash.


Residents of De Dorns, South Africa, warned Sidewalk Specials about two-week-old puppies from junk that were thrown in the trash and left to die there, writes dog full.

When rescuers arrived, they, unfortunately, found that three of the cubs had already died. Rescuers took the other six newborn babies and wrapped them up to take them back to their car.

At the same time, they were looking for a mother dog everywhere, but no one was looking. Eventually, the residents were able to help the rescuers find him.

They were now able to reunite the mother with her children, whom they named Daisy, George, Charlie, Millie, Tex-Tyson, and finally, get the milk and care they so desperately needed.

Six weeks later the puppies have grown tremendously and are now ready for their eternal home.

Fortunately, their mother, Daisy ջ George, has already been adopted, but Charlie, Millie, Tex և Tyson are still looking for families.

If you are interested in adopting puppies or would like to meet or greet them, please email [email protected].

Watch their rescue in the video below.

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