The couple, who used to feed the cat every day, found out that there were also 5 kittens waiting for their mom …


At the beginning of this year, a cat appeared in their yard, which seemed to have come to ask for food, and was definitely had chosen the right address…

When the couple saw her, they offered her food and water, but as it turned out, the cat was very shy and did not let them get too close to her.

However, the cat returned there th next day too. Day by day they got closer to the cat, because she visited them almost every day and was not afraid anymore.

They waited for her to appear every evening and even chose a special area for her to make her feel more comfortable in their house.

After a while, they noticed signs that usually characteristic of nursing moms , so they began to think that there might be kittens nearby.

That day the cat turned several times and looked at the couple, as if prompting them to follow her.

Finally, they appeared together at the bushes that were several streets away from their house.

At that moment, they simply got surprised of what they saw.

There were 5 little kittens hiding behind the bushes.

At that moment the babies noticing their mom immediately approached her.

They decided to take them home and take care until they would be ready to get adopted.

The babies were about 4weeks old at the time.

When they were already old enough to be adopted, the couple managed to finf forever families for 2 of the kitties.

What refers to the mother and her other kittens, they were all moved to the shelter as it would definitely be a better chance of finding their future families.

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