The brave elderly couple refuses to leave their dogs during the flood


The couple refused to give up the dogs, even if it meant risking their lives.

When extreme weather events occur, such as floods, it usually happens very quickly, very quickly.

You do not regularly have much time to organize or think, you have to get what you want: get to a safe place as fast as you want.

Here is what happened to the residents of the city of Japan. These residents had to flee at the time of the flood.

Residents of the Japanese city of Joso have suffered from incredible rain, causing floods and landslides.

Heavy rains caused the water level of the nearby Kinugawa River to rise, releasing a lot of water into Joso, north of Tokyo.

There have been incredible stories of struggle and determination as with all these disasters.

Anyone who has experienced a major flood can attest to the fact that it is often particularly difficult to get animals out of these conditions.

In such chaotic situations, animals can be confused and scared, which makes rescue work difficult.

However, one couple did not want to leave their two beloved dogs.
In the news footage that quickly spread viral, an unknown couple often huddled on the roof.

The whole area around their house was submerged due to deep waters, stormy currents, the helicopter flew and saved many people.

Despite the strong winds and, consequently, the dangerous environment, the rescue worker gradually descends to the roof, where the couple dares to face the storm.

As he approaches, he sees that the couple will not take any steps without the dogs

The couple insists that the rescuers bring the signs with them. Carefully securing all the animals in the bag, the lady slowly ascends to the helicopter safely.

The rescuers went down to the people still on the roof on the roof. He puts the opposite dog in the trunk, and they leave together.

Miraculously, the “dogs” and, consequently, the couple safely return to the helicopter.

This incredible shot quickly spread viral, garnering more than 11 million views.

It’s amazing to find out how calm the dogs are and how professional the rescuers are. They understood that the dogs were a family and did not hesitate to help.

Watch the video of the incredible salvation below.

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