The baby fox plunges its head into a container, drowns, reaches out to help a person


The fox cub became a victim of human garbage while looking for food.

The poor creature carelessly pushed his head into the jar, and the edge of the jar began to squeeze his neck, trying to escape, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Unable to get rid of the jar, the fox cub ran out of the woods and stumbled onto a dirt road hoping for help.

The fox cub knew that people often came to this area for hunting. He was naturally afraid of people, but his options were few at the time. The fox cub saw a group of soldiers passing through the area, and he approached them seriously, asking for their help.

In this video, we see how one of the soldiers bends to help the grieving fox cub. A small child does everything to keep calm, as the soldier tries to roll out the jar without hurting the neck.

After some effort, the jar finally comes out while the hatched baby breathes the air. But the fox’s fear of people invades again, he immediately turns to the forest.

The soldier says jokingly. “Where is my ‘thank you, but he never waited for the baby to warm up. The fox cub stops and decides to accept the soldier’s help, despite his fear.

He stays near the overgrowth of the dwarf and returns for a moment to thank the soldier for his kindness. So sweet!

Click on the video below to see how the soldier rescued the fox cub in case of need.

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