The baby elephant cried for 5 hours because of separation from his mother, who tried to kill him


The employees of the China Zoo witnessed a heartbreaking scene. The baby elephant, separated from the aggressive mother, cried for five hours.

According to the British Metro tabloid, a happy event took place at the China Zoo.

An elephant cub was born. However, the joy of the staff of the Wildlife Museum was premature, as the newborn was about to die. His mother stepped on him immediately after giving birth.

The veterinarians decided that there was an accident. They took the baby elephant out of the cage to observe and provide first aid if necessary.

The examination showed that the elephant had indeed injured its cub, so the specialists had to treat the wounds of the little patient.

Two hours later, the veterinarians returned the baby to the cage to contact the mother.

But their actions led to the opposite result. As soon as the elephant’s cub was with the parent, he repeated the attack, starting to brutally trample his cub.

The employees of the zoo, shocked by his behavior, hurried to take the baby away from the aggressive mother’s hand and move it to a safe distance.

The separation from the mother made the injured child so upset that he started crying.

The workers tried to caress the orphan, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

“She cried for five hours non-stop,” said the tour guide. “And everything because of the separation from his mother, who tried to kill him.”

“There can be a strong connection between them. However, the elephant behaved improperly, so we could not endanger the life of the elephant cub, “the press secretary of the Wildlife Museum told reporters.

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