The 20-year-old shocked so much with his talent that Simon stopped him just to call him a “STAR”․․.


His voice is so lovely that it seems to contain some ethereal melancholy…

We are talking about 20-year-old Kieran Rhodes. He lives in New York.

The 20-year-old enrolled in a music college after realizing that despite his passion for baseball, he still wanted to sing and play the piano. That is what really makes his soul happy.

He was already in his first year of high school when he decided to pursue music.

“It just happened to me and I taught myself to play and write.” “It was at that time that I suddenly wanted to become a musician, and it completely changed my life,” she told.

He seems like such a modest and humble kid before he starts, but we wouldn’t recommend being fooled by his appearance.

When this boy started to sing and play, it was simply shocking.

“Without a doubt, this great show was an ideal opportunity for me to introduce myself to the whole world.”

When he finished his performance, he received a standing ovatione.

It should also be noted that the boy can also play the guitar and without a doubt many big stages and inexhaustible successes are waiting for him.

Now watch this extremely talented guy’s performance below.

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