Stray cats step up to be protector of orphaned puppy. Very amazing story


Your eyes do not deceive you. One of those cats is not a cat. It’s an abandoned puppy that cats have taken away.

The park doubles as a cat shelter, where volunteers regularly feed, sterilize and inspect more than 100 cats. From time to time cats are adopted.

It is an honest project, which had only one drawback. Families who want to shed their cats will do so in the park because they know there is food and shelter.

One morning the mess was more than just melancholy. The box where the cats sleep together gave birth to a little puppy. He hugged the cats.

Workers looked around for a sign of a dog family, but there was none. The puppy was alone. He must be thrown there by his men.

After a few checks of good love care, then he was in better shape and found his eternal home in a short time.

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