Stray cat came to console the abandoned dog by giving him the warmest hug


Being alone is one of the most painful phenomena in the world, even if it concerns animals.

It is also difficult for them to live without love and warmth, in absolute loneliness.

The hero of this story is a kind-hearted kitten who made an abandoned doggie feel important again by making him feel comfortable. This puppy was left alone after his owner abandoned him.

It was such a beautiful moment that showed that animals also have deep feelings and very kind hearts, always ready to help in the most desperate times.

This little puppy wandered the streets for a long time where he used to live with his family.

Unfortunately the owners of the dog had to be taken to a senior care facility where dogs are not allowed.

They had to leave him, which was very hard for the poor puppy. He had no idea why he was left on the street and completely alone.

Neighbors often saw him and always left food for the baby. And here came the most exciting moment in this story, which was captured by one of the residents.

He noticed how the stray cat approaches the dog and hugs him to show support. It was just so exciting.

Animals are often much more caring than we humans. To help them out, the kind neighbors decided to build them a small and cozy house, but the duo seems to prefer sleeping on the stairs.

Soon the rescuers found out about them and eventually they were transferred to the shelter, where they will live forever.

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