Some kind people recently rescued a super rare golden possum which looks like a real-life Pikachoo


Pikachu is already famous all over the world for its adorable and incredible appearance.

These creatures are very cute and often attract attention at once with their very unique appearance.

I think many people have wondered in their lives or imagined what it would be like if the popular Pokemon actually existed instead of just being a cute cartoon character.

Well, if you’ve thought about it and ever wanted to see Pokemon in real life, you’re in luck…

The unusual color of this little creature just shocked the whole Internet.

When people saw him, they immediately started enthusiastically comparing him with the famous Pikachu.

He’s not actually a pikachu of course, but a golden brushtail possum.

The thing isthat this little possum fell off its mother’s back and was left completely alone.

But fortunately, a kind person found him and took him to a veterinary clinic.

Apparently, these are common brushtails that have yellow fur instead of brown, which is caused by low levels of melanin.

Sadly, as beautiful and unique as these creatures are, their golden fur makes them stand out to predators.

That is also one of the reasons why they are so rare.

As for this little rescued girl, she is quite lucky to be getting all the care she needs after being rescued.

Now she continues to live with her rescuer until she is ready to be moved to a wildlife sanctuary. So stunning, right?

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