Single father created his dream house by transforming an old bus to a super cozy home-on-wheels


“Van life” has already become common over the years․  In the past, anyone who dreamed of owning such a house now can afford to live there much more easily.

However, this type of lifestyle is not suitable and preferable for everyone, although it may be more than a dream for another person.

The single father was always sure that one day he would finally live in a home-on-wheels.

It’s about a 42-year-old man from Great Britain named Adam Collier who knew how to make his dream come true.

Once he heard that one of his relatives was selling his double decker bus, he immediately saw it as an opportunity to reach his dream and did not hesitate to buy it.

After buying it he wanted to turn it into a comfortable and stylish house. The man was also a carpenter and it was easier for him to create a magical house for him and his daughter.

Soon he went to work, starting to implement the first details of the new house.

As his 12-year-old daughter told about her father, he always had an adventurous spirit and brilliant imagination.

He always stands out with his creative ideas and immediately starts working on making them a reality.

Although the bus had some structural problems, he managed to solve them by turning it into a wonderful place.

In total, he spent $10,000 to make his dream come true. Now he lives with his daughter in their new home.

What a perfect home.

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