Rescuers spend hours digging out goat who was stuck in giant irrigation pipe, save his life


Sometimes animals get stuck in difficult places and need the help of good people to get out.

Like a goat stuck in a big irrigation pipe until a rescue squad set out on a difficult mission to save it.

On August 17, the Arizona Humane Society received an alarm about an 8-month-old goat who fell into a 250-foot-long irrigation pipe.

The Humane Society says a neighbor overheard a goat crying.

But as soon as they arrived at the scene, they realized that rescuing the goat was not an easy task.

because of the size of the pipe, they did not know where to look for it. They decided to return the next day for a better job.

The rescue team returned the next day with equipment, including a snake camera, to search for the goat, but no trace yet.

Unable to locate the goat, they decided to start digging, hoping for the best.

“We could not keep an eye on the goat at all, we had never seen it before we started cutting it,” said Grace Watts, an animal ambulance technician, in a press release.

“We just went with a kind of faith to where we thought he was.”

After digging the pipe with a shovel and a hammer, they finally noticed the goat, and one of the rescuers was able to catch it while they were still pulling it out.

According to the AHS, the rescue mission took six hours of hard work. But in the end, they were finally able to free the goat.

Despite the ordeal, the goat seemed harmless, rejoined his fellow goats shortly after being rescued.

Watch the rescue video below.

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