Poor 12 years old doggie is returned to life on a chain after his handler died


When the pup’s owner passes away they need to be taken in by someone who is really caring and can handle then for sure. The hero of our today’s story was not that lucky to get a good new owner.

When his former owner died he was adopted by someone who appears not to be a animal lover at all. He is a 12 years old dog, that seems to have given up long ago as the volunteer arrived to help.

The poor creature was not understanding what was going on. Luckily he trusted the rescuer and allowed to touch him and unlock the chain. This was a sign of a new great beggining.

He was named Roger and the first thing that they did was to take him to the shower as it was unknown when it was the last time when he got the shower.

And then he was treated and fed before he could go live with his new loving foster mommy. Fortunately he is now doing pretty well and is on his way of full recovery.

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