Mother of two pairs of twins was to become mom again. Here is what happened this time


It’s wonderful when a family has twins, and when there are three in a row, it’s amazing! This occurs about once in a half-million and is extremely uncommon.

However, the married couple Karen and Colin had the good fortune to have three sets of twins. There were already four children in the family: Lewis and Kyle, both 14 and Finn and Jude, both 12 years old.

The medical professionals persuaded Karen that there would absolutely not be twins when she became pregnant for the third time.

However, they were in for a pleasant surprise during the ultrasound procedure: It turned out that a woman’s heart contained twins.

Despite the fact that Karen admits that she had no idea that this could occur, she was nonetheless extremely pleased.

He mistook her for joking when she shared the news with him via text message. He responded by writing: It’s not funny.

Parents of many children thought they would have a few boys again, but they didn’t even know which gender they would have.

As a result, they were overjoyed to welcome two daughters into the world.

Karen jokes that now they’ll have five defenders because she doesn’t believe that two young women are already growing up in her house: four brothers and a father.

Fate can be frighteningly generous from time to time. However, this family knows how to punch back.

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