Momma fox comes back for her little babies, that were found hiding under a porch


The wonderous seven fox babies are returned to their mother thanks to a team of animal removal workers. The amazing team works for a company known as Gates Wildlife control. They are from Canada.

Their main aim is to remove and relocate the pets as gently as possible. They never care how much it will cost, what’s most important is that the animals to be well.

When they job reached to the foxes they took their time. Most of the kiddos were hiding so they had to remove most of the boards. After a long time of hard work they eventualy could find them all, even the ones that were hiding.

Their job was not over yet, they had to take care of the mother too as she would be worried for sure if she would not find the pups where she left them.

The team decided to put them all into a box for the vixen to find. They knew exactly where the mother would come so they placed the box in the back of the house.

They were sure it won’t take long for her to find them and it didn’t. Finally she was able to them all out and them all together went to their den.

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