Melinda Gates speaks of her husband’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein…“He was the true personification of evil,”


Melinda French Gates, who is referred to as “French Gates” in the article, gave an interview with Fortune in which she talked about the projects she is working on to protect women and gave hints about her divorce from Gates.

This helped many individuals to remember a new meeting where she discussed what Bill had been doing and censured him for his connections to the infamous youngster molester Jeffrey Epstein.

Melinda and Bill Gates tied the knot in 1994, and they have three children together: Phoebe, 19, Rory, 25, and Jennifer, 25.

Although Bill and Melinda filed for divorce in 2021, they continue to manage the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation together at this time.

She stated to Fortune that the divorce was “unbelievably painful,” but she continued to collaborate with him at the foundation, “I kept working with the person I was moving away from, and I need to show up every day and be my best self.”

Given what she said in a recent interview about Gate’s friendship with Epstein, it’s a little surprising that she continued working at that foundation with him: “It was many things.”

However, I did not like the fact that he had met with Jeffrey Epstein. That’s what I very clearly told him.

She also stated that she had only “one time” met Epstein because she was interested in his identity. She went on by saying, “And I thought twice about it when I strolled in the entryway.”

Why did she feel bad about it? because, in her opinion, Epstein was “evil personified.” He was awful,” she said. He embodied all that was evil.

I kept having bad dreams about it after that. As a result, thinking about these young women breaks my heart.

They were unable to remain together as a result of that, Bill’s affair, and other issues that Melinda would not discuss. She puts it this way:

It did not occur simultaneously or in a single instance. I realized that it wasn’t healthy and that I couldn’t trust what we had because there was just enough of it.

Even though Melinda contracted Epstein’s illness and divorced her husband in part due to their friendship, she is not on our side.

He also talked about abortion and the Supreme Court’s recent Dobbs decision in the Fortune interview. “It would be terrible in any country,” he stated.

However, it is a significant setback for gender equality that it has been repealed after being in effect for that much time in the nation with the highest income in the world.

Additionally, she established Pivotal Ventures, a smart venture capital fund. She said it was about how to help women and people of color advance more quickly in the United States.

For me, it comes down to looking at four important things: politics, money, technology, and the media. In the event that you give more individuals a stake in these four businesses, you will make a huge difference.”

Melinda Gates talked about how much she loves abortion and woke capital. She stated that venture capital cannot address the issue and that more women should run for office.

She writes: “I try to determine the reason. What is the major issue? The main issue is that there aren’t enough women in politics in our country.

We are not even close to being equal between men and women. As a result, when I look at the Supreme Court bench, I consider how and why we got there. They made it there due to the majority of men in the Senate.

We need to give female politicians at all levels more money and figure out what is holding them back. Until women hold every position of authority, the Supreme Court will not have a fair representation of society.

Because the actions taken do not accurately reflect how people really feel about Roe v. Wade, regardless of which side of the aisle they are on.”

Because she is aware, she is a leftist just as much as her husband is. She did, however, mention that he knew Epstein.

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