Leo refused to leave his dying wife hugging and consoling her until the very end…


On your screens are Leo and Munika, who have known each other almost all their lives.

The lions were rescued from a circus in Peru in 2013 by ADI.

The only time they were apart was during their rescue, but it was for a very short time.

They have 3 sons: Coco,Chico and Rolex. From the first day they moved there, they were always together, walking around their area and resting together under the trees.

Unfortunately, months later, Munika fell ill. From that day Leo was by her side every minute and became more protective than before.

He clearly understood that something was wrong and tried to encourage her in every matter.

Leo watched over Muneka and hugged her, trying to make her feel better.

Looking at them, it was clear how much they loved each other.

Sadly, she passed away in September who was 19years old.  Leo was by her side until the last minute…

During that time, the rescuers were carefully watching how the lion mourned the loss of her beloved Munika.

These two will always be a very sweet and beautiful example of love.

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