Kitten hilariously can’t figure out the litter box


One of the hardest things for a cat’s mom or dad to do is train their little friend to start using the trash can. Well, I have to say the hardest part, some of them catch on pretty quickly.

Based on experience, sooner or later it’s smooth navigation.

In any case, the kitten will eventually learn and it becomes an old hat for them. There can be a lot of fun results during this time. Like this video.

We see a kitten sitting in a trash can. He is confused.

Why is he here? Is he in a giant sandbox? He is a cat. He knows nothing about building sandcastles. Wait. Isn’t it for snowing on the beach?

Oh… she has to use it to go to the bathroom. Wait. He should not use the floor. Maybe that’s why her mom took her here when she thought she should take a shower. What to do?

It’s funny to see that this kitten is trying to figure out what exactly to do in the trash. “Hmmm. Am I shrinking? Let me dig here. No. Nothing happens. Oh, let me stand. ”

Then he gets up, almost as if trying to play cold. We have all been there. Just be casual behave normally. That’s the ticket.

Get ready to melt over the cat’s wonder overload.

Watch the video and leave your opinion below . Wasn’t this kitten so charming? Do you have any tips for training cats? We’d love to hear from them in the comments section. Enjoy!

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