Japanese diver has been visiting his best buddy fish for long years their friendship is more than real


Person and animal fellowships has no boundaries. Humans can befriend the most unusal pets ever. One Japanese diver has been besties with this wrasse fish over 25 years. And this is not a fairytale.

Their fellowship is one of the most real ones. Hiroyuki has been entrusted to look after 1 of the religion’s shrines that is named Torii. Over the years he got to know all the marine creatures that were living around there.

What’s most vital is that they became buddies with wrasse named Yoriko.In the pictures we see their beautiful minutes of greeting and they were kissing. Lately a scientific survey showed that fish can recognize person faces.

They were representing the fish 2 images of people and the fish were to choose. They were able to pick the familiar face.

And after that they decided to harden their case and made the photos black and white and blurred the part of the face.

They were sure that the fish would not be able to guess the right one, but they did and even more rightly and easily that ever.

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