Incredible pup is so upset when daddy tells her ‘No’


There are cases when you have to stand pat and remain true to your decisions, and all you have to do is to continue saying No.

Especially when you wanna show someone that not everything can be the way they wanted it to be.

Sometimes after saying no it would be really difficult to stick to your answer especially when in front of you is a little baby or a puppy, kitten or someone different.

The jumping-off point for freakout is yet to come, so you need to be really strong.

The situation may be amazingly funny, while the other side considers it to be a bad situaton, you as an adult want the result to be good for both sides. But there are too young to understand that there is something different behind it.

This cute puppy is a wonderful example of that. He will get you fall from laughter. The litter is so so hilarious.

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