In the dense desert of the newborn forest, they shout at the sympathetic man


A small group of puppies was found alone in the forest, knocking on the door of death, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Somehow these innocent cubs, who were in a safe place with their mother, found themselves in isolation without food, water or shelter.

Their small bodies were covered from head to toe with lizards. The beginning of their life was cruel and unjust. All this changed when they were found and saved.

After being rescued, this group was given the food, water, and medical care they so desperately needed. They would no longer have to suffer because of their rescuers.

What started as a heart full of pain has now turned into a life full of happiness. Especially when someone went ahead and offered to take them home and take care of them until they could be adopted.

Their special days are filled with everything they need and want, as well as the love of their foster mother, playing with their sisters and sisters.

We are so happy that their foster mother can support their entire small group, at least until they are old enough to manage life on their own.

Young puppies often grow when kept together for as long as possible. We can not wait for them to grow up and prosper in their future eternal homes.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch. tv

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