Homeless Dog Keeps Following Strangers On The Street Until They Realize What He’s Really After


Buzu was a dog resigned to living on the streets in a broken-down cardboard box.

Then a shelter picked him up, cured his sickness, and gave him a home across the sea.

This little pupper just wanted a home. But after living so long on the streets of Romania, Buzu the corgi had given up hope.

Luckily, the folks at Howl of a Dog got him off the streets and spent a year working to cure the various skin diseases he had acquired during his rough life on the streets alone. Then came the day that he found a home.

“Buzu found the perfect home near London in England,” Explains the Howl of a Dog website, “His adoptive mom is not only a great animal lover but she also has a lot of experience with dogs, running a daycare center for dogs and working closely with veterinarians.

Buzu is sharing his forever home with another lovely dog and a cat, which is just perfect because he loves having friends around.”

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