Here are some funny moments of Elvis Presley’s caught on tape


During his live performances, many fans don’t remember Elvis’s sense of humor. Elvis was known for making jokes at the song’s beginning, middle, and end. Do you have a most loved Elvis second?

In the first video, Elvis is seen on stage in a white suit holding a guitar and leaning on his left leg.

He chuckles with the audience when he says, “I wrote this song, you know when I was a baby.” He tells them it’s a very sweet love song as he looks down.

As he shows how to get lower, Elvis explains that you get in the girl’s face. He looks down and acts as though it is a quiet, intimate moment before making a loud noise on the microphone.

“And it blows her hair straight back, you know,” he adds with a grin. Elvis begins playing his hit song “Hound Dog” after the ladies make the crowd laugh.

Elvis is seen smiling and winking as he sings, “You have me, my life a wreck-a-complete,” in another clip. He laughs with them, showing he has an entertaining side.

At a concert, Elvis looks down from the front row and grabs a woman’s crown before giving her a long kiss.

Then, as the crowd squeals, he lets go and asks, “You want another one?”

He then returns for a second kiss. Additionally, Elvis sings in two consecutive clips while randomly inserting the microphone into his mouth and making a hilarious noise.

He continues to sing and smiles at everyone in the vicinity, knowing that his fans enjoy his playfulness.

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