Her three pups were given away to other people, but this is what the family witnessed the next morning…


The tall dog is Mara, who guarded his home day and night. Also he every day went for a walk with his owner.

Everyone in the village loved the dog very much, which was known for its obedient and gentle character.

Therefore, when Mara’s 3 pups were born, it was not difficult to find owners for them.

When the babies grew up a little and started eating on their own, they were given to their new owners.

Therefore, when Mara returned home that day, she could not find her babies. She was very restless and did not understand where they could be.

Her owners tried their best to calm the dog, but she paid no attention to anyone. She threw himself on the chain all night whimpering very painfully.

The next morning, when the owner went out into the yard, they saw Mara feeding her babies…

They could not believe what they saw. After all, yesterday they already went to their new homes, and today they are with their mother again.

Therefore, he quickly called the people to whom he had given the pups to find out what had happened during their absence.

All three of them said that they have been looking everywhere for the babies since morning, but in vain.

It turned out they had run away from their new homes, finding their way to their mother…

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