He was told he had 5 years to live so he decided to adopt a dog, after which his life changed… forever


All dogs deserve to have their eternal homes where they will be loved and given everything they need.

Unfortunately, every day we meet a lot of stray dogs on the street, who look at us with such sad eyes, as if asking for help.

They continue believing until the end that one day they will be saved too.

Living on the street, they have to face many challenges every day in order to maintain their existence.

Fortunately, there are also many people who just can’t be indifferent when they see them and always come to help…

Today we have prepared a great story for you, brought to you by Mutual Rescue.

Below, you’ll find a great film featuring Eric and Petey’s story.

Eric was told he had five years to live, but everything changed when he went to a shelter to adopt a miracle dog named Petey…

“Eric, who weighed 345 pounds, had high blood pressure , cholesterol and type II diabetes.

After the diagnoses, the doctor told him that he had 5 years left to live. Then he met Petey, and everything changed…”

Watch the film about this wonderful story below…

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