He was kept on a heavy chain that he could not leave the stairs for years


While some people treat their dogs as if they were members of a family, others, unfortunately, neglect them in poor conditions, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Unfortunately, Libre survived.

A four-year-old guard dog in an abandoned house in Kagua, Venezuela, was kept chained without food or water day and night.

The heavy chain around his neck made it difficult for him to breathe, it was so short that he could not even calm it down.

Fortunately, her suffering finally ended when disturbed relatives saw how her owner treated her and immediately reported them to the police, a local animal shelter.

When the rescuers arrived, Libre was starving and gladly ate all the food they had given him.

They removed the chain to expose the raw skin of his neck, which had formed due to hanging from a tight metal chain around his neck for many years.

They treated his wound and received appropriate medical care.

Libre now loves life; he is very grateful for his second chance.

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