Good samaritan saw dog with eyes bulging out,what he did is just astonishing


This story is about a poor innocent dog found by some rescuers on the side of the road. The eyes of a dog trying to navigate its way are blown out of the socket. It was obvious that the person who did it was a real evil.

Unfortunately, both of his eyes had to be removed, as the veterinarian said, and the case could not be saved as he tried to restore them. The son underwent successful surgery because his pain was not so great.

He was also given continuous antibiotics and pain meds to prevent infection.

Fortunately, she really learned how to live without eyes because of the love she received from her new foster family. The best part was that he found a family forever that really wanted to adopt him to give him a decent life.

He finally gets a great life with the big men and the cat’s sister.

In addition, he became a therapy dog to help dogs and children in their struggle. What a huge transformation.

Watch the video below.

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