Gentle Dog Was Ignored For A Long Time, Finds Home For Her Final Month


Bianca is a sweet, amazing dog, who spent the first seven years of his life living in a cardboard dog house made of wood, overloaded by people who gave him food, writes theirfo.

The stray dog invested its energy in front of a public swimming pool in Athens, Greece. In any case, some time ago all that changed, he had another chance at life. Bianca was paralyzed,

It wasn’t long before he completely lost the use of his legs, which made him drag.

At the moment when Valia Orfanidu, one of the “Orphan Pets”, had the opportunity to reach him, the puppy was not doing very well, he was a player in his body who could not get out of the floor covered with his waste and blood.

Despite the standards by which he had lived all his life, the delicate child believed in the heroes, allowed them to take him, take their car, clean and hand over a check, even though he had the means. .

X-rays revealed that Bianca had degenerative myelopathy, which meant that she would simply get worse until she finally expected help to move, inhale and eat.

When the kitten was cleaned, it became clear that Bianca was a very beautiful kitten with a luxurious white floor.

But Orfanidou was worried that he would not be able to find a home, but fortunately the foster home was already waiting for him.

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