For more than seven years this 86-year-old woman has lived on a cruise ship


She gave up everything in order to pursue her dream. She now enjoys life, lives on a cruise ship, and sees the world.

In order to travel without interruption for the rest of her life, the woman sold everything she owned and spent all of her savings in Florida. seven years exactly.

Lee Wachtsätter has been living on a Crystal Serenity cruise ship for that amount of time. The pensioner admits that even after all these years, she has never regretted her decision.

The American had a lifelong passion for traveling. 1962 was the year she took her first cruise. She is now on her 283rd journey. Mrs. Lee spends thousands of dollars each year to realize her dream.

She eats everything in the ship’s restaurants, dances in the evenings, and lives in a separate deluxe cabin for this amount of money.

The pensioner also attends lectures, movies, and other forms of entertainment and actively participates in them all.

The crew members ensure my happiness at all times. I already consider some of them my family.

They will most certainly locate what I want if they do not have it. even if they have to spend the entirety of their layover on land to obtain it,” she asserts. The retiree is referred to solely as “Mama Lee” on the ship.

Moreover, Mama Lee continues to purchase her own clothes. She will also give any fashionista a head start in terms of style.

The woman exclaims enthusiastically that after traveling to a hundred different countries, she is certain that Istanbul is the best place to shop. I can’t resist going to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

The outfits there are absolutely stunning! Furthermore, they are ideal for ballroom dancing. Mama Lee adds, “And when it comes to shopping, I jump ship first.”

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