Fisherman’s net becomes a buffet for sea lions


A mad herd of sea lions attacks a fisherman’s net full of fish. The big hunt suddenly became their meal.

News from around the world has shown how global warming has had a dramatic effect on the food chain, especially in the Arctic.

Animals, both on land and in water, struggle to find food to live on during the day.

This trendy video is one of the best proofs of these claims of environmental catastrophe. A group of hungry sea lions broke into a fisherman’s net full of fish.

A pack of seals invades a net full of fish

The unfortunate fishermen tried to push the rope but in vain. All they can do is watch their supposed prey become a great tool for hungry invaders.

Since we continue to live without the idea of returning to Mother Nature, it is not surprising to see how nature takes its eggs away from us.

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