Everyone was amazed by her wonderful performance, behind which there was a very touching story…


Lily Meola, who is one of the most talented contestants of America’s Got Talent, took the stage during the 17th season and simply amazed everyone…

SHE did her best to give a dazzling performance to the judges and audience of the popular show.

She achieved this with the song “Daydream”. It turns out that there was a very exciting story behind.

Lily had to temporarily leave the music industry because her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

So she was supposed to take care of her, but unfortunately, she lost her mother… That was just unbearable.

She said that it was all that pain and experiences that made her get back on her feet and pursue her destiny, which in her case was to perform on the stage of such a famous show at the age of 27.

When she started to sing, the whole audience in the hall was simply amazed.

They were all so enthralled by Lily’s performance that they couldn’t restrain their emotions and excitement.

All four judges and the entire audience began to applaud him.

Heidi Klum had to introduce her and she had to do it with a very loud shout, because she was so excited and impressed by the performance of the talented singer.

This proved that Lily had a great future ahead of her. Her direct promotion is undoubtedly already ensured also by her participation in the talent show.

Just a fantastic start for such a talented singer. Now you too can enjoy her wonderful performance.

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