Every day before going to school the kind boy takes a blind deer to a safe place to feed him


It seems an unusual scene when a person stands close to an animal that is quite scared.

You will be even more surprised when you know the story behind this picture.

It turned out that this poor deer that you see on your screens had no chance of survival, but when this guy appeared, he gave the animal a second chance at life. It was all so exciting.

Every morning before going to school, this boy visits the deer and finds it a place to eat and rest.

Carrying him from one meadow to another, he accompanies him safely all the way.

The point is that this deer is blind and the boy considers it his duty to find food for him every day, making his life somewhat easier.

The thing is that this kind boy is only 10 years old.

One day, the news about them reached the local rescue center and now they already take care of the deer .

The local rescue team took the deer to a veterinarian for necessary medical examination.

The little deer will probably soon be moved to a forest reserve or maybe some farm or zoo.

The deer is quite calm and obedient, and in its condition, perhaps that would be the best option.

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