Even after being adopted, the 3 friends remained inseparable friends, celebrating their birthdays together every year


Even living in different houses, they just continue to adore each other having the same brotherly bond.

Let’s get to know the story of these sweet siblings.

Their humans met when they came to a shelter to adopt pitbulls.

As it turned out, they had a very strong bond, so their owners decided to organize regular meetings so that these wonderful dogs could maintain their great friendship, the roots of which came from the shelter.

They even have a wonderful tradition. Every year they celebrate their birthdays together.

They love each other so much that every time they meet, they start showering each other with kisses and hugs, all the while playing different games with each other.

Skarli is always in the center of their attention. His siblings play with him and shower him with kisses.

All their birthdays turn into a real party. with party hats, balloons and of course a special cake for them.

Every time they proudly waer their suits and party hats waiting their humans to sing the ”happy birհtday” song for them.

Of course, the sweeties look forward to their cake the most, as we all do on our birthdays.

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