Emotional lady can’t recognize herself in the mirror after her full makeover


She had to “change skin and look” in order to see herself in a different light. And we are able to state that the transformation she underwent was completely in line with her initial desires.

She trusted a professional, and while it was challenging at first for her to recognize herself, she eventually accepted the significance of the change.

Being pleasantly surprised is good. When Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy, does a good job on your makeover, you’ll probably be surprised to see a completely different you in the mirror.

Barbara decided that a shift was required. She aspired to see herself as the inner feelings she had. The 70-year-old woman stated that it was time for her to take care of herself and her appearance.

She gave Christopher’s ideas free rein to create a more youthful, modern look that she would feel comfortable with.

As she heads to the salon, the woman smiles broadly. You can see in the video below that the transformation happens quickly, and the end result is just wow.

Her haircut, color, and makeup look great on her. She appears to be completely different from before. We wouldn’t have given her that age if we hadn’t known she was 70!

Barbara is overjoyed to have given it a shot. She is very pleased with it, even though she acknowledges that she would never have chosen it for herself.

She radiates joy! In the video below, watch the impressive transformation.

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