Elderly rescued lion and tiny squirrel share heartwarming moment


An elderly rescue lion can still be friends after staying in cages.


The love he has for little squirrels is a surprise even to his guardians. But in the end, the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze when it comes to incredible companies.

Unfortunately, Guerrero, the Lion had a long history! The mass wild cat has spent its entire life in a private zoo in Mexico. He had to spend his days alone in small cages.

An incredibly difficult life that affected him “mentally” and physically.

Fortunately, the local animal protection organization found him at the right time. Shortly after rescuing him, these volunteers sought help at the Colorado Wildlife Refuge.

People with big hearts were more than happy to help, so Guerrero was brought to the United States, where he received the necessary medical care.

Then the rescue lion was taken to the sanctuary, where he finally got a chance to live in peace. He quickly adapted to his new home already making new friends here.

Even his sad past has left deep wounds in his soul, the gentle giant still has the power to pour love around him.

Guerrero recently surprised his guardians with the kindness he showed to a little creature that visited his booth. The huge lion was captured on camera, sharing a heart-warming moment with a squirrel.

In addition, Guerrero was more than happy to share his food with the little visitors. A pleasant company will be born.

“It turns out that Guerrero 13-striped ground squirrel is friends, Guerrero feels good with a little boy who shares his food,” the shrine wrote on Facebook.

“Every day Guerrero likes to get some whipped cream after he finishes the meal. The squirrel has decided that he likes whipped cream just as much. It was a scene we see more and more often.

“They share such a ‘sweet’ connection.”


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