Dog With Cancer Lives Just Long Enough to See Her Dad Again


A month after her master’s placement, Kerm was taken to a veterinarian because of bad breath. The news was not good, Kermi had cancer.

It only gave him two or three months to live, but Kerm had his plans. He refused to die until his owner returned home after nine months of service.

Last March, Eric Ralston, the US Navy’s Chief of Staff, was deployed.

A month after he deployed his wife, he picked up their dog Kermi, an 11-year-old Lab-Beagle-Chow Chow, for a scan when he noticed that Kermi was bad.

Examination revealed that Kermi had cancer of the mouth, and stage actors believe she had a maximum of two to three months to live. “At least we were devastated,” said Jennifer Ralston.

“Kerry was our first child. We did not think Eric would ever be able to see him again.” Kerm was not ready to say goodbye without seeing Eric.

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Three months passed, երմ Kerm was still close, ով it was soon nearing the end of Eric’s work, the family began to hope that maybe Kerm would see her again. They decided to help him see Eric for the last time.

He’s extended 12 days before he returned home. As the Lords approached, the Ralstons stressed that Kerry would not arrive at Christmas when Eric finally got home. However, Kerry continued to counter the odds.

Many days before Christmas, Eric returned home with Kerry there. He was photographed with a red bow, the video recorded him running from home, in Eric’s arms.

Eric’s return brought new life to Kermi while she was feeling her last leg, but she had a new life with him. “His return was a magic wand for him,” said Jennifer.

“He started eating and drinking again, without a fight.” Kermi soon celebrated his 12th birthday in January, but it got worse in February. “When the good old days came, we knew it was time,” said Jennifer.

On February 22, Kerry lost her battle with cancer. Eric and the rest of his family were with him.

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