Dog Who Spent Her Entire Life On A Chain Can Now Only Walk In Circles


Keeping a dog chained at all times can have a profound psychological as well as physical effect on them.

Domestic dogs should be free to walk, study and run. Unfortunately, some people do not care about the well-being of their dogs.

The good news is that there are animal welfare organizations that seek to save pets from this and other types of abuse.

One such company is Takis Shelter. In this video, the sanctuary staff rescues a woman named Frida.

The inadequate lady was so accustomed to being chained that she could only walk in a circle.

The sanctuary of Takis saves Frida.

The video begins with the sanctuary staff discovering Frida chained outside. The little girl is scared and confused.

“He will not bite you. He is so scared, ”the captions of the video hint. “Look how scared he is.” “The dog lived under the astonishing problem of drinking dirty water. Walking on your own is a pain. ”

Animal Welfare Society notes that keeping a chained dog can have a significant impact on them.

“Post-traumatic stress disorder makes domestic dogs distracted, dissatisfied, nervous, and usually hostile,” the company said in a statement.

Frieda gets the appropriate name.
His rescuers found a very suitable name for him. They decided to name her Frida in honor of the new flexibility they gave her.

“Freedom! Freedom for one dog. We should call her Frida. ”

They found out that Frieda was about 2 years old. As the video goes on, Frieda begins to realize she has freedom she has never done before. She can walk, she can jump, Frieda is free.

“Frida, she’s so happy, my friends, look.”

Frieda can only walk in circles.

After he was locked in the chain, he could just walk around in such a long circle, but Frieda knew no other way to move. He always seemed to want to get into circles.

Of course, it would take some time for him to realize the new variety of activities he can now enjoy.

“He was constantly chained, he does not walk very well,” checks one subtitle of the video. “Look how he walks. He walks left and right like a boat.” “Look at his feet!” He does not know exactly how to walk. “He jumps, it’s like he’s dancing.”

Frieda dances around her rescuers.
Later in the video, a satisfied Frieda sighs as she walks around the person holding the camera she tells.

“She’s so gorgeous, she walks around.” “It’s because he was secured in the same area. “That’s why he does not know how to walk.”

Frieda learns that there is no need to move in circles.

The man kept urging Frida to walk straight, not in a circle. It took some time, but the girl started getting it.

“To walk straight, you need to find out. end Straight, not in circles. ” “My friends are unbelievable. To see? He tried to walk straight, but assumed he was still trapped in the chain as he entered the circle. ”

Still, Frieda walked straight, just as she did with the other dogs. What great work the sanctuary of Takis did with his salvation!

She is as energetic as she is a lively woman. He is always satisfied. ”

Frieda finds a permanent home.

The video ends with a message, in which it is said that they are still looking for someone who will adopt Frida.

They, however, would not wait long. A brand new house was erected to invite Frieda to their family. Frieda moves to Denmark.

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