Dog Is Found Crying Next To His Injured Brother After Being Run Over


The rescue team received an alarm about a dog being run over by a car.

A kitten was pushing its brother’s body with its snout until the man stopped and ran towards them.

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived at the scene to look for the poor baby unconscious, but his brother and he came to the rescue.

So they immediately took the baby to be treated as there was no time to lose.

They brought the two dogs to their medical clinic to offer them vaccines and food, hoping they would both be well soon.

The hit baby was very weak, so he was treated for brain injury, fluids, antibiotics, and intravenous painkillers.

It took the poor puppy two days to get ready to raise his head, but unfortunately, he was not ready to eat on his own.

Fortunately, the next day he was ready to eat on his own, he even stood up.

He was recovering, he was even ready to stand up, walk or ride on his own. He even waved his tail to greet his rescuers.

Watch the video below.

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