Despite the kitten’s critical health condition, the volunteers decided to save him at all costs… and they did


Despite being all alone in this big world the sweet kitten never gave up…

Once a gray kitten was found in a garage, which turned out to be the only survivor of its litter, but sadly its mother cat left him and never returned.  He was very weak and needed immediate help.

A group of volunteers immediately rushed to help the little baby, taking him into their care.

The baby was weak and severely underweight.

Despite all that, they wanted to save his life at all costs, giving him a chance to fight for his life.

First of all, they tried to raise the cat’s body temperature slowly, which meant feeding them every hour in very small increments.

He was cared for by a volunteer named Dorella, whose painstaking care made it possible to bring the little boy back from the brink.

Two weeks later, the kitten returned to its appetite thanks to round-the-clock care.

He was already eating like a champion and grabbing the bottle with his little paws, he was downing it with all his might.

The kitten was named Sandman, and when he was strong enough to explore the world and play, he was moved to his new foster home to be socialized with another cat, named Taro.

Everything just happened instantly. Taro welcomed the baby with open paws and growls.

He immediately took the baby under his wing, as if he understood exactly what the little one needed.

Now they have become inseparable friends who love to cuddle and play.

They also manage to warm the hearts of everyone who sees them.

The little baby, who previously didn’t even have the strength to move, turned into a sweet kitty full of energy and mischief.

He just thrives day by day thanks to her feline friend and these caring people.

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