Country singer Luke Bryan turns on his caring “Dad Mode” and changes single mom’s tire on side of road.


Do you know well-known country singer Luke Bryan? If you did not have acrush on him yet I’m more than sure you’ll get it after reading this amazing story of him on the roadway of Tennessee.

Once a single mom Courtney was on her way in her car with her 2 kids when she blew a tire. She had to stop on a dangerous spot of the path and try to fix it. A gray pick-up truck stopped behind her.

She went out of the car took a look and when heard the voice of the singer she did not even have time to get shocked as he said that they need to take them out of the road, because he almost had hit them.

That voice belonged to no one else than to Luke Bryan, who has a land on this spot. He and his sons were on their hunting tour when saw this woman and stopped to help.

The singer said that he would have made his sons to help him if it wasn’t such a dangerous sectio of a roadway.Courtney said that he is just a hmble guy, who loves helping others.

She even added that he was completely in the dad mode as he was very concerned for their safety. In a short period of time the car was fixed and he even stayed for a picture. Courtney will always be the fan of his for life.

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