Coming to the stage the Dutch singer hit such notes, that it seemed like the audience went crazy for a while…


Dutch singer Mart Hoogkamer became a real star, taking second place in the competition.

In addition, he got the opportunity to sign a contract with Sony Music.

He performed the song perfectly where there was no lack of passion. Everything was perfect.

The arena lit up with incredible lighting effects after which smoke effects were added too.

The singer was supported by background singers, guitars, and percussion instruments.

The crowd swayed, the couples lovingly danced and sang along with him.

When Mart’s performance hit the Internet, it instantly went viral.

Recently, he also took the first position in the Dutch Top 40 with the hit song “Ik go Swimming”.

Despite being so young, Mart has been singing in competitions for a very long time and has always achieved great success.

It all started with the children’s competition “Kids Sing with the Stars” and to this day, he continues to surprise his audience more and more every time. Thanks to his talent, he always wins everyone’s hearts…

The crowd seemed to go wild as he took his last high note. Watch it here.

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