Careful spirits cover the Dead Stray with a blanket, bowing as his eyes still weep


There is nothing more soul-crushing than seeing the suffering of an animal, writes ilovemydogsomuch

As animal lovers, we always stop and help, no matter what the situation, but many are not interested in that. This poor boy, later called Kanzi, was lying helpless on the ground in the cold rain.

He desperately needed someone to stop him and help him, but no one did.

Kanz was close to death as hypothermia began.

Two kind people passed by, astonished that no one had helped this dog. They thought he was dead, they wanted to cover him with a blanket and bury him properly.

But when they approached, they saw that his breast was raised, and his eyes moved.

Kanz was so weak. His eyes seemed so sad as if he had completely surrendered. No dog should have looked so defeated, but Kanzi felt worthless after being neglected for so long. The rain continued to fall, he was trembling to warm up. Kanzi needed kindness and love as much as he needed a warm place to sleep.

The good spirits got a blanket and food and did everything they could to make him comfortable until they called an ambulance. They explained that they had found a dog that was in serious condition.

The veterinarian told him to take it carefully and bring it in.

The vet immediately became concerned about Kanzi. He was covered with old wounds, his blood work was in turmoil. He had kidney and liver failure. The veterinarian explained that he had given his rescuers a chance to put him down.

Rescuers asked the veterinarian if he could make Kansi comfortable by giving her painkillers and IV fluids. The veterinarian agreed

Kansas’s new friends are not sure how long he has left but have yet to agree to take him home.

They want to show her what it means to feel loved for as long as possible. Kanzi now lives with two wonderful people who found him.

He struggles with fatigue for many days but does not feel pain. Her new parents are focused on keeping her as long as possible.

Kazin breaks down when we speak, we are so grateful that he was finally saved. It is a pity that he was neglected for so long because people were too focused on their lives.

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