Brave police K9 dog becomes best big brother and protector of his newborn human sister


Jason and Sonny met in Clinton police department. They met at the time when the department needed a K9. So the two of them got to spend a lot of time together.

The dog Sonny got to learn to trust his partner as it was going to be their life journey. As they were spending the 90% of their time in the car, during every drive Sonny popped his head from the open divider.

The amazing dog would stand next to his partner and put his head on Jason’s shoulder and sleep. The working routine fro Sonny was just a fun time.Sonny’s senses were in every kind better than those of any human.

So when there was a task to search in 12- 13 hundred square foot house that would have taken eternities from officers, for Sonny it was a matter of several minutes.

Sonny was the one who perfectly understood the time of work and break. However he had a more serious job at home, that was being a big brother to his newborn sister. Jason and his wife had a newborn baby girl.

Jason knew for sure what would Sonny’s reaction be. But the dog knew that there was something changing. He came over and put his head over mom’s belly and felt that there was something changing.

He was really happy when the girl came to world. Whenever the baby was crying Sonny was going straight to her bedroom.

His transition was flawless. Sonny even could have been a therapy dog for his owners. He helped them over every hard time. Everybody in the family loved him.

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