Bella lived almost all her life in a shelter with terrible conditions, but finally kind volunteers came to her aid


Bella is a cute dog who spent almost all her life in a shelter.

Dog shelters in Romania are far from the best and not at all like the shelters of US.

The point is that they often keep the dogs outside and don’t give them enough food, so the dogs are often malnourished.

Bella was one of them who was very weak and scared. So staying in that shelter completely broke her heart.

WHEN the rescuers found out about this dog , they came after him and quickly took him to the vet.

She sat next to her rescuer all the way, as if smiling very quietly. She seemed to understand that her life was finally going to change.

When they arrived at the clinic, Bella was completely exhausted and could not even move or sleep.

There they did everything to make the dog feel calm and safe. She would close her eyes when they started petting her.

She seemed to be finally relaxing and able to sleep for a while.

Bella liked to put her head on the lap of the volunteers after which felt very calm and satisfied.

Fortunately, she received such wonderful care there that she began to recover day by day.

She slowly gathered her strength and regained her appetite. She also started wagging her tail after some time, which made the staff very happy.

We are also happy to announce that after filming this video, which you can watch below, Bella was able to find her forever home, finally getting the family love and affection she always dreamed of.

Now she is living a happy life surrounded by the people who simply adore her.

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