Being left all alone the poor doggie begged everyone to help him


All animals deserve to live a happy life and enjoy their lives.

It is sad to see every day how they wander hopelessly and helplessly in the streets, hoping that someone will finally come to them and take them home.

The hero of this story is a little puppy who has already gone through many difficulties.

He already lost hope that someone would come and save him and has already come to terms with the idea that the street is his home.

He pays quite a high price every day to find his daily food.

He was recently hit by a car and is still in a very bad stated.

Tanja Vidergar is from Ljubljana who just adores animals and has a small group of volunteers who care for abandoned stray animals moving them to safety.

When they learned about this dog, they decided to go and help him.

They did everything for the little one.

He had quite a lot of injuries, including broken legs, damaged back, but he still looks at people through his sweet eyes and begs for life…

We are sure that the volunteers will do their best to cure him and provide him with a happy life.

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