Barn owl stuck in submerged blackberry bush rescued by humans in boat


Birds look beautiful when they fly freely in the sky. However, when a bird gets stuck in a bush while diving in a pond or while hunting, it can sometimes get depressing.

This is exactly what happened to the barn owl recently. The poor bird got stuck in the bush while hunting.

The barn owl was entangled in thorns and weeds, which practically forced the poor bird to partially dive into the water.

Trying to free himself, the barn itself was so exhausted that it could barely move in the water. The half-submerged bird seemed unable to survive long in the pond.

The poor bird, while hunting, accidentally stuck one of its huge feathers in a thick blackberry bush. However, he was lucky to find two people who tried to help him in every way.

The father-son couple had gone on a boat trip when they saw the bird stuck in the wild bushes and tried to help it. At first, they were afraid to touch the bird.

Nevertheless, they helped the barn owl get out of the water safely.

At first, he was skeptical when they both tried to pull him out of the pond. One of his eyes was injured, which made it difficult to hunt the bird at night.

After boarding the bird, the duo called the animal rescue team for help.

An ambulance to rescue the animals arrived to help the bird. They even checked the bird’s condition.

Finally, after a week of recovery in the shelter, the barn owl was released.

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