At first it didn’t seem to go very smoothly, but now they can’t even imagine even a minute without each other


Beagle and Jasper’s first meeting did not go smoothly.

The puppy was still very small and understandably still wary of everything, including the cat.

Jasper the cat, for his part, wasn’t sure if he could trust this new family member and what to expect from him.

However, their mother understood that they needed some time to adapt to these new events, so she was patiently waiting and was sure that everything would be fine with them.

And so it happened. After a few days, it seemed that they were starting to become friends and the sweetest thing was that they learned to care for each other and hug each other like real friends.

Day by day they became so close that it seemed that they had been together since birth.

They could play with each other all the time.

The depth of their connection was very obvious, which is even difficult to describe in words.

Sometimes they sit together on the couch and start watching the birds in the yard through the window.
Perhaps it is one of their hobbies.

They just enjoy every minute of life together. They are so tender and sweet that we can endlessly admire them.

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