As the bear came close to the villages the man realized, that the animal needed help, so decided to follow her…


In fact, it is rare for wild animals to approach villages, as it can be considered quite dangerous for them.

Therefore, understanding this very well, the man was quite surprised when he looked out the window and saw a bear.

He suddenly let out a low growl as if calling for help. It was a bear standing on its hind legs by the fence.

It was clear to the man that something was wrong and the wild animal would not just come to people.

He decided to quickly follow the bear as he noticed it was slowly moving away into the forest.

That road led to a nearby lake and at that moment the man remembered that bears like to swim through water with their cubs on their backs, so the bear probably needed help.

Of course, he was not wrong about it, because upon reaching the lake, he immediately noticed a baby bear tangled in a fishing net, which had become detached from its fastenings and began to sink.

Without hesitation, the man quickly approached and cut the net, trying to pull the cub out of the water.

All this time, the mother bear stood still and did not move until her cub was finally free.

So after that she immediately ran to her cub and after the last look at the man, they disappeared into the forest…

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