As it was very cold outside the cat approached one of the houses and started knocking the door…


The sick and frozen cat, who was looking for help for a long time, managed to find the right way, and his life dream has finally come true.

It was a cold winter day, when he approached a door of one house and started “knocking” on the window.  He seemed to want to ask permission to enter, because he was already getting terribly cold.

At that time, the hostess of the house, Jael, was in the garden when she suddenly heard strsange noise.

When the woman looked out, she saw a cat trying its best to get her attention.

At that time, she immediately took him home and contacted the nearest shelter, saying tha the kitten needed help as soon as possible.

So about 30 minutes after that, the cat was already in the clinic.  After examination, it was found that the cat had problems with its teeth and not onlu.   He had many other problems so had to stay in the clinic for some time.

They thought that maybe he was lost or someone abandoned him, but no microchip was found on him. The cat was named Aslan.

The veterinarian said that if they delayed the operation even a little, he would not be able to survive the winter.

After a few days, his condition started to improve to the better and that made all the staff happy.

Therefore, the volunteers started looking for a home for him and published an announcement about the adoption.

However, it turned out that the woman who had saved him could not forget the car and wanted to adopt the cat…

The cat now still follows a special diet, but this does not prevent the sweet baby from enjoying life to the fullest.

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